Indoor play areas for babies in downtown Vancouver

I only saw a handful of kids at my old building and came to conclusion that kids and downtown living do not mix. Since becoming pregnant, I started to have an eye for that mom or dad pushing their baby stroller or carrying a little one. I am about 9.5 months into my maternity leave and it just flew by! I would attribute part of the fun to indoor play areas in downtown Vancouver. Here are some places that provide great indoor play areas and activities for babies in downtown.

  1. Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch) - I love the Central Branch. I wrote about my love here. What is not to love? They have regular babytime which consists of rhymes, dance and storytelling. It is a great place to meet up with other new moms (as new moms, you are on your baby’s schedule! so going when you can is amazing!) I had very limited nursery song knowledge before, and since coming here I’ve come home with more songs and games to play with Emily. Great place for your little one to interact with other babies. And of course, the books!

  2. YMCA -the family development centre has regular drop in schedules for babies and toddlers; anywhere from play time, little chef (where kids get to help prepare food), music and dance.

  3. West End Community Center / Joe Fortes Library Branch - similar to the babytime at Central Branch. You can drop in for nursery rhymes, dance and a bit of baby play time afterwards.

  4. Coal Harbour Community Center - I took Emily here for the first time when she was 4 months and just about to crawl (funny enough, she crawled before sitting up properly). I learned here that she likes balls! She was so determined to follow them. I didn’t have a ball at home! You learn something new and get your baby to try new toys. Babies get to see and play with each other too!

  5. Yaletown Community Center - I have not been here personally as it is a bit further from me, but I have heard good things from other moms.

  6. Gordon Neighbourhood House - still on my to check out list!

For a consolidated list, I regularly check out this website: