Potty training at 7.5 months?

Nope not trying to be controversial here in the potty training world. But this afternoon, my sister dropped us off back at our apartment, and she noticed some tell tale signs of baby needing to go. She took her diapers off and took her to the toilet just like that. Baby just went and went and voila…joined my sister to do a happy dance and that was it. Baby looked so happy!

I tried to get baby another time in the toilet but I was too late.

So I’ve been looking up some potty toilet for the little one.

Am looking at the IKEA one and on this one from Amazon.

My criterias:
a) easy to clean (least amount of parts),

b) easy to store/travel with

Update: Writing this update Jan 24, 2019 (about 2 weeks since I’ve been putting her on potty). I try to catch her when she is grunting/quiet with a long stare and I take her diapers off and let her sit on the toilet. So far, everyday except 1 day she has been going to the potty.