Here we go 2019!

Hello 2019! I am looking forward to 2019. A few themes I want to live by in 2019 (FFF! my three Fs below)

Feeling Fab

  • Do things that make me feel fab both physically and mentally - top of mind on this is cleaning my closet. I have this thought of going to an even smaller wardrobe size. I don’t want to get carried away and not have anything, but I am leaning towards a capsule wardrobe . I already have a relatively small wardrobe, but I feel change is inevitable.

  • Back strengthening exercise 15 minutes daily

  • Swim 1x a week

  • Write 1x a week

  • Sew 1x a month


  • Home made meals: I want to cultivate a home that is cozy and where myself and my husband are eating well. So far my go to meals are ginger beef, veggie kale soup, and coronation chicken. I have also tried a few new dishes - ramen, spaghettini with pesto sauce, broccoli tuna casserole. Also tried baking sugar cookies for the first time (now why I waited until 2018 is a shame :D). For the upcoming year, I would like to try: freeze make ahead pizzas, garlic prawns, overnight oats, granola bars and make more snacks.

  • Family trip - am planning a trip to Japan with my husband, baby and my sister and her family in early May. This is the only big trip planned for the year and also prior to me returning to work.

  • Memory keeper - take longer videos, talk less in them and let the voices around me be captured.

  • Connect - call and connect with my family better. I deleted my facebook app recently, and I already feel less of a slave to my phone, of course there are still other distractions in there, but I look forward to filling my time with phone calls/facetime with loved ones.


  • Budgeting - track our budget better. So far we have made improvements in simplifying finances. 2019 will be the year of Hawkeye watching since I am still on mat leave.

  • Saving - listing out our savings goal for the upcoming year..and guess what, crushing them!

That is all for now :D