On reducing waste

I saw a post about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and what an incredibly shocking thing. If you haven't heard of it or read about it - read about the clean up here.

As clean as most streets of Vancouver are, there's so much excess and waste around us. Anyone else feeling this way? I was already feeling guilty about this - that cup of coffee, those excess plastic covering, the packaging from take out. Now I feel even more mom guilt about this between those diapers that we go through like hotcakes. 

I am making changes in how we live. 

  1. Bring your travel mug - I don’t know why I haven’t done this in the past, but bringing your travel mug everywhere is simple. My first thought is to actually only drink coffee if I can sit down and enjoy it. However now I do value having that to go mug not just for portability but also to minimize spills. I make sure to clean it and prop it in my baby stroller every evening so that I don’t forget it.

  2. Dining in - by default, it is hard to eat out with a newborn - so I upped my meal prep game weekly. I already see the benefits both on waste and  Gone were the days that me and my husband would eat out or order take out 3-4x a week, on certain occasions we still do, but not in the frequency we used to. This has an immense impact already in the single use packaging and throw aways.

  3. Buying bulk-ish - stocking up on certain cleaning items and purchasing larger quantity where storage could fit them rather than purchasing these items every so often. My recent bulkish purchase was a dish soap (4L) and laundry detergent from a local small business owner. 

  4. Refill - about 6 months ago, I've started to purchase refill for soap, shampoo and etc. at refill stores in Vancouver. I have only been to the Soap Dispensary. There is another store that opened recently called Nada. My trips to these stores are limited in that I allocate time to go there as it involves 10 minute drive, therefore I need to be as precise in what I buy and only go there first thing when they open.