Musings on my birthday

I turned 32 this month. Birthdays give me a certain anticipation more on how I feel about growing older. It has certainly become a little less and less of a logistical gathering, whereas years back I would want this person and that person and as many people around me as possible. I am an extrovert after all.

How do I feel? I feel many things.

Incredibly blessed as this is the year I have become a mother. When Emily was born, the mother in myself was born too...I also feel that I am growing as she grows - patience is longer, care for my family is deeper and a greater appreciation for the people who have come before me. 

 I think about what world my daughter would grow up in - what does connection and relationships look like in a more virtual world. 

The reality for me, at this moment of my life, I feel an incredible privilege - to have my baby girl, a loving husband...friends and family who reached out to me, a bouquet from a friend (m-dizzle haha) living away, a plant from my mother in law, my sister who drove an hour to spend time and bought me a cake, having the time today to get a new haircut..I am blessed. This evening I held my baby a lot lot longer, she is getting heavier each day, and I am looking forward to her sweet smiles.