Baby Emily is here!

Life is sweet. Spring came and our baby Emily arrived at the end of May!
Everyday my love for her keeps growing. My husband and I are in awe and feeling lucky that she is so perfect for us. Of course the early weeks were very difficult - lacking sleep, learning to breastfeed and recovering from surgery. I had a long labour (30 hours) that required a c-section in the end. The doctors called her "chunky monkey" when she got out :) and indeed, she is a healthy baby at 8.5 lbs and 21". 

Our family is now somewhat falling into a rhythm slowly. She is also sleeping longer and so this mama is getting some zzz as well. I've gained back energy too. 

I can't say thank you enough to family and friends who have come to visit us. We had a lot of help. In my opinion, that is a privilege in this day and age where families live far from each other. I also received great support from doctors, midwives, nurse and other healthcare staff. 

As new parents, we are learning. It is hard - the new emotions and responsibility of caring for a new person weigh on us. I feel we are so lucky because she is such a good baby - doesn't fuss much and gives us the best smile every nap and sleep she wakes up from. Seeing her face as she wakes up - so much love!