Vancouver Public Library - a gem!

A library review here! I know right, who reviews libraries? me! I was simply blown away by the services offered at the Vancouver Public Library - what a gem! Today, when baby woke up after her mid-morning nap, I quickly looked up the schedule for baby play/sing time. There was one at 11:30am at the Central Branch and so I was able to get ourselves ready and get there in time. I’ve been to a sing/play time, but the 11:30am one has more attendees. It was great! I remembered some of the songs from last time. Most especially, I got to sit beside another mom and our babies were looking at each other as if mesmerized that another one just like her is here on earth. Babies are miracles! It was such a fun thing to watch - babies excited to see other babies. What do babies think? What if we as adults get just as excited to see each other, wouldn’t that be a great thing?

I also just found out today that there are baby books in different languages and one of them is Tagalog. I quickly looked for the Tagalog section and borrowed a handful to read to Emily. I got some of the French books as well, will have to learn how to pronounce the words.

Finally, we checked out the newly opened rooftop. What a gem! It was a beautiful fall day, warm sun, bright blue sky, trees with golden leaves that are just about to let go in the wind.

We are definitely coming back again. The great thing about baby time is there are different times at different days that may fit outside of baby’s nap time.