Baby List for Tiny Places

Currently, my husband and I are living in a ~500sq ft apartment. The space is capital Cozy. We have moved cities and apartments many times over the years, but coming 'home' to Vancouver was probably the most challenging space wise due to low vacancy (<1%) and high rent.

We have made the decision to stay put where we are for the meantime and then re-assess our situation after the baby comes. With that in mind, we are making room for our little one. 

I have exchanged e-mails with my sister early in the year about this initial list that I have and I will re-assess as we gather them. I've come up with 15 items categorized by: Travel, Sleep, Clothing, Nursing, For Myself.

1. Car seat (brand new)
2. Carrier, Ergo baby carrier.
3. Stroller. 

4. Bassinet/Crib
5. Receiving Blankets/Swaddle
6. Rocker

7. Booties (3 to 4) and mitts, hat.
8. Diapers (newborn, 3 to 6 mos) with receipt, if possible. Can return.
9. Onesies (newborn) x 8

10. Breast pump
11. Bottle (cannot return) 
12. Formula - if top up needed (cannot return)

For Myself
13. Nursing Bra/Pads
14. Maternity Clothes
15. Other Self Care