January Wish List

I've got a couple of big category items on my wish list for January. They are my tidying list and a to make list below:

Tidying List

KonMari 2018 (Vancouver edition) I've practiced KonMari method since finishing her book in 2016. I've initially culled and tidied our old place in Calgary. Thereafter, I knew that there was no turning back. I have permanently changed - for the better, thank you Marie Kondo! We have pared down further since moving to Vancouver. But with all the changes we are anticipating this 2018 and the changes happening to my body, I decided that it is yet again time to go through the process start to finish categorically. My goal is to accomplish this before end of January. The date I have set out for full tidying are: Jan 14 and Jan 21. 

To Make List

  1. Maternity Dress or Top - I've got a sewing machine that I have not touched since I bought it. I would like to make a simple shift dress (or top) that I can wear during maternity.
  2. Candle Making Class - I picked my sister for Secret Santa this past Christmas. She's only got a couple on her list: a candle and crochet dish towel. I slowly started making her a dish towel which I didn't finish on time. So I picked up some dish cloth from Muji as a last resort. It was hard not to keep it for myself (ha!) I got her a two hour candle making class at Soigne through Groupon so she and I can both make candles!

Now if I can get through all those that would be amazing!